Tumeric Dry Ginger Drink Recipe: A Quick Relief from Cough, Cold, Throat Infections
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Tumeric Dry Ginger Drink Recipe: A Quick Relief from Cough, Cold, Throat Infections

Health drink to get rid of cold and cough

Turmeric Dry Ginger Milk: The below mentioned turmeric dry ginger based health drink is a home make kind of drinks. As this is a regularly home made drink, it is not readily or easily available in most of the stores. Also it is strongly suggested that this health drink is to be prepared in house rather than buying from

Usage Guidelines:

  1. This drink is very helpful to keep the cold, cough, sore throat and all other types of throat infections. This drink is to be taken in the quantity of 200-250 ml per day. It is suggested to keep away from cool drinks and ice creams when you are suffering from cold or cough or other throat infections.
  2. This health drink is 100% safe for age group of 4 years or above. However, the usage potency should be decreased if the drink is being prepared for children.
  3. One can take the turmeric dry ginger health drink once in a day for 3-5 days or can extend the usage days depending on the positive effect they have on their cold or other throat infections.
  4. If you feel the health drink is too strong to take, you can add little amount of sugar so as the health drink will have a sweet flavor, which will avoid you vomit due to strong taste of turmeric.


Take 25 grams of dry ginger and powder it. Take ¼ teaspoon of dry ginger powder and mix the same in a glass of fresh boiled milk (200 ml). Also take ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it in the dry ginger powder mixed glass of milk. Stir the milk to make it well mixed with dry ginger and turmeric powder. The turmeric dry ginger health milk is ready to drink.

Adding the juice of 10 Tulsi leaves will improve one's resistance and immunization capacity to withstand and strongly prevent or oppose swine flu or related kind of other H1N1 flus to the possible extent from entering into the body. This is an addition specially made out of the home based study conducted by a businessman household on all his family members.


  1. As turmeric is a natural anti biotic, it acts very quickly on any infections including cold, cough and other infections.
  2. This health drink does not lead to any side effects as it is prepared out of natural ingredients.
  3. This health drink will clear all kinds of throat infections and cut down the infectious fluids and let them move out of the body in easiest way.
  4. The above mentioned turmeric dry ginger milk, a home made health drink is not clinically recommended or scientifically tested.
  5. This is a age old traditional drink, suggested in Indian households and that gives more effective and quick relief for any kind of cold, cough or other throat infections faced by human beings.
  6. A recent home based study conducted by a businessmen's family proved that by just adding the juice of 10 Tulsi leaves along with the above mentioned ingredients will keep up the human body to strongly resist the Swine or other related kind of H1N1 flus. As this is a home based study, it is already being followed by many of the followers, neighbours of the study conducted house. 

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Comments (6)

The ginger & turmeric themselves I wholeheartedly agree with the benefits of... however this drink is a terrible recommendation for strengthening immune system or battling an illness- due to the milk- which suppresses & wreaks havoc on the immune system, and sugar even more so.

Mixing ginger and turmeric with hot water, green tea, or almond milk (or any non dairy milk) and using agave or stevia to sweeten would be much more effective and much more healthy.

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Thanks a lot Donald for retweet.

sharmishta dhavalikar

thank u its really helpful information :)

Ranked #24 in Flu & Cold

Very informative. I plan to try this!

Ranked #19 in Flu & Cold

Tumeric and ginger each separately are also supposed to reduce inflammation and pain of achy joints, such as knees, elbow, shoulders, etc.