Foil Your Flu Naturally
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Foil Your Flu Naturally

We conceded that the cold and flu season will just come and go; that we will get snuffles and chills for a week and things will be back to normal. This is such a serious misconception.


We conceded that the cold and flu season will just come and go; that we will get snuffles and chills for a week and things will be back to normal. This is such a serious misconception.

As the cold season (winter season) is here, here in the Philippines, we had warm, sunny mornings to early afternoons and rains in the late afternoons to evenings. Perhaps, you and quite a number of your office-mates or kin members are already sniffling, complaining of whole body aches and fever. Your nose is dripping and your eyes are watery. Your temperature has rise a bit, and your sole desire is simply go home to your room and tuck yourself under the sheets. Or you may have a strong resistance as of now and escape being taken into a flu camp.

We make no big deal about having the flu. Many people actually become debilitating and ill, with the older adult population and patients with chronic disease amongst those at highest risk of complications from the seasonal flu. And it can also become serious just like what happened in 1918-19 when the Spanish flu claimed the lives of half a million people in the US and 20 million worldwide. The Hong Kong flu of 1968 claimed 34,000 people in the US. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta estimates that there are around 20,000 people who die of the flu annually, with another 25 to 50 million afflicted with it.

Flu is just a pill away – or so we were made to believe. However, those over-the-counter quick reliefs may actually be the perpetrator rather than the cure. It has been discovered that sinus clearing antihistamines keep the body from producing mucus to wash out the virus. When you have fever, nature tends to burn off the virus with the body heat.

Dr. Ronald Peters of Ashland, Oregon says, “We rely too much on technological approach. This perpetuates the notion that we’re victims of the disease. People need cure for themselves if they do not get sick. That’s the best immunization.” Therefore, it is the utmost importance to prepare ourselves properly in order to stay healthy in the flu season.

What can you do to arm yourself against the flu? The best habit to get into is to have adequate sleep and rest, regular exercise, minimize stress, drink enough fluids, eat a regular healthy diet, and wash your hands regularly.

Take note of these potent strategies to foil the flu attacks:

? Eat a well-balanced meal with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fast from your intake of sugar, alcohol and caffeine. These all pull down your immune system. Get some exercises, good rest and sleep.

? Have a shitake mushroom soup regularly. Including this mushroom in your weekly diet assures you of a ready source of interferon, a natural immune booster which even said to treat cancer.

? Have plenty of garlic in your food. Garlic cures a hundred and one diseases.

? Get some homeopathic medicines like Oscillococcinum, [1] Ferrum Phosphoricum, [2] or Gelsemium.[3] People attest to their effectiveness in keeping flu at bay.

? The “Sweat and Salt” formula does natural wonders. Sweat is your body’s way of flushing out fever for good. So suppressing fever is not recommended, not unless it gets to about 103 degrees. Then to ease the discomforts of fever, take a hot saltwater bath. This would make your body break into sweat, at which point your fever will naturally go down. Put one to two cups of salt in your tub of hot water and soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes. You can add five to eight drops of eucalyptus oil if you are suffering from congestion. After soaking yourself, rinse with tepid water and wear warm clothes and rest.

? Remember ginger tea? Grate some ginger and rub this on your body while in the tub. This promotes circulation. You can sip your ginger and honey tea while in the tub or while resting in bed.

Caution: Avoid taking antihistamines. Nature has provided you with potent cures. Let your body naturally heal itself when flu strikes. Again, IF SYMPTOMS PERSIST GO AND VISIT YOUR DOCTOR!


[1] Oscillococcinum was discovered by Joseph Roy (1891-1978) [1], a French physician who was on military duty when the Spanish flu hit the world in 1917.

[2] Ferrum phosphoricum, is a homeopathic remedy compound made from iron and phosphorus.

[3] Gelsemium is a genus of flowering plants member of Gelsemiaceae family. Gelsemium is used medicinally as an agent to treat fever, spasmodic disorders, and the pain of neuralgia.

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Ranked #9 in Flu & Cold

excellent article thank you

You are always of great help Sir, I really needed this one

I agree with Dr. Peters and your well written article.

A great health article, Sir Ron.

Informative one! Voted!

Ranked #21 in Flu & Cold

An excellent article on a pressing health issue. Well done Ron.

Very timely for this season of cold and cough. LOL!

Very helpful information and timely.

Well done. I totally agree on using natural remedies. Thanks for sharing. Voted up.

Natural healing is always the best, great tips.

There is nothing like natural healing processes as God intended to be. Good writing Ron.

Ranked #8 in Flu & Cold

Thanks everyone-much appreciated.

Informative share. Thanks

Ranked #8 in Flu & Cold

Thanks Bristow - appreciated.

I will have to remember about garlic being helpful if I get sick or know someone who does