Health Benefit of Pears: Healing Coughs and Colds With Diet
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Health Benefit of Pears: Healing Coughs and Colds With Diet

Pears are a stellar way to prevent colds and coughs from happening during fall and winter seasons. Known as a super fruit in some regions of the world, the pear holds precious cooling compounds to energize the lungs, keeping the area moist and free of bacteria. The pear has ways to excrete phlegm as well. The fruit is packed with potent nutrients and can help prevent chronic ailments.

Have you ever bit into a juicy, crunchy pear and all of a sudden have a rush of energy, health and refreshment? That is because a pear is one of the super fruits of the world. Besides being and excellent source of vitamins such as C and K, the delicacy holds potent nutrients and minerals along with cooling properties, healing many ailments including coughs and colds.

Coughs and Colds

Colds and coughs usually find their way into the body from August through April when humidity levels drop in the air. A cold or cough within the body is usually your body’s way of telling you that it needs to rid excess toxins, waste and bacteria overgrowth. Over 66 million Americans catch colds per year and catching a cold in the fall usually signifies the lungs are being challenged. If a cough is happening, the body is trying to release unwanted toxins to cleanse itself. There is usually an energy imbalance or stagnation, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. So it is best to harmonize with the body than fight it. Allow it to bring harmony and balance on its own and speed the recovery process with diet and natural remedies. Adding pears, which are in season from August through October, to the diet can boost immunity, release toxins and deliver all that is needed to keep colds and coughs away.

History of the Pear

The pear has been around since the Stone Age. The Chinese cultivate more pears than anywhere in the world, but pears are in abundant supply in the United States and Italy. Pears have been presented as a luxury delicacy and also referred to as the “gift of the gods.” Pears have a multiple of varieties including the common Bosc, Anjou, Bartlett and Seckel. The pear works as an anti-inflammatory in the respiratory system. The pear helps maintain moisture in the lungs. Pears, due to its sour properties, help eliminate phlegm. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, when the lungs take in dry, pathogenic factors, then the intestines plus other areas of the body get involved. The pear is a cooling food, so therefore, prevents lung damage and adds moisture to the lungs and prevents bacteria. If you are a smoker, eating pears is one avenue to prevent the lungs from disease.

Other Benefits of the Pear

Pears add approximately 3 grams of water, non-soluble fiber to the diet. The fiber binds to unwanted toxins and bacterium in the colon and leads the way out of the body, reducing the onset of heart disease, cancer and Type-2 Diabetes. Pears reduce cholesterol due to the fiber involved. 

Appetites usually diminish with coughs and colds. It is important to drink plenty of fluids and eating pears can be a refreshing way to gain nutrients and help rid the ailments. It is also crucial to communicate with a medical practitioner to properly diagnose the illness and proceed with any additional care.


More Health Benefits of Pears

Pears provide all types of health benefits. Pears are full of antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber and pack all of these nutrients in a fat-free, cholesterol-free, 100-calorie package. You will not get fat by eating pears.

Being high in fiber, pears can also keep away the painful colon disease, diverticulosis, which causes bulging sacs in the large intestine and can become infected, requiring surgery.

Pears are excellent to reduce the health problems of constipation with the high fiber and water content that pears have. Pears are high in water, which can clean out the body and create healthy bowel movements.


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