Swine Flu: Virus or Bacteria?
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Swine Flu: Virus or Bacteria?

Learn whether the swine flu is a virus or bacteria

When it comes to the microscopic biology of the little invaders that penetrate our human bodies, it can get confusing trying to understand the differences between viruses and bacteria.

The Swine Flu, or the current form of influenza that is infecting the population currently, is actually a Viruse, not Bacteria.

To understand the difference, lets talk about Bacteria and Viruses


  • Can Live on or around none living surfaces
  • Bacteria attacks the body by shear force
  • Bacteria is not 'viral'
  • Bacteria is created with its own survival system and doesn't need a 'host'
  • Bacteria can be cured by anti-bacterial medicines


  • Require a Living Host in order to reproduce
  • Viruses attack the host and change the way their body works
  • Viruses are up to 100x's smaller than bacteria
  • Viruses don't attack, they invade, hiding themselves from the immune system
  • Viruses can mutate and adapt to antibiotics
  • Viruses can cross species
  • Viruses are 'viral', meaning very contagious
  • Viruses are 'moochers', they need a host to survive and reproduce

Noting the differences in the two microbes, it becomes apparent as to why the swine flu is such a scary ordeal. Viruses are smart living organisms that seek out other living beings to feed from, reproduce in, and transport their minions through. They are resistant to most know medicines and when not killed off quickly enough, can adapt and become immune to new drugs and medicine created to destroy them.

Make sure to wash your hands and stay away from anyone who is sick!

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