Tips on How to Avoid Flu
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Tips on How to Avoid Flu

Flu is communicable and easily spreads so you have to avoid it from transferring to you.

Flu is one of the most communicable diseases. It is easily transferred from one person to another. This is especially true to people who have weak resistance to diseases. If you are weak, your immune system is also weak which means you are more likely to catch flu easily.

How can you avoid flu?

Maintain good health

The best antidote to illness is good health.  Maintaining good health includes a wide area of healthy practices such as eating the right kind of food. The food you eat will determine greatly the kind of health you have. You can eat everything you want but make sure that your diet is healthy. A healthy diet includes fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, sea foods and other food groups that are healthy. Having a healthy diet will help boost your immune system to fight illness. The healthier you are the better for you to avoid any type of illness circulating around.

Lessen your intake of unhealthy food or junk food because eating too much of these type of food will only diminish your immune system to ward off the illness. Most doctors recommend plenty of fresh fruit juice and water in order for one to avoid flu.

Practice Personal hygiene

Bacteria, germs and virus thrive in dirty places that’s why you have to always practice personal hygiene in order to avoid flu. Avoid going to places where pollution is bad. As much as possible you should wear mask if you want to make sure you will not catch flu from other people. There are times when almost everybody is having flu so you have to be careful and wear mask to avoid it.

Good hygiene includes proper washing of hands, proper disposal of waste, proper body cleaning and using only clean things.

Stay away from people with flu

If a member of the family or a friend has flu, stay away from them until such time that they are well. Flu is very communicable and you can catch it by going with the person with flu. Wear mask and avoid using things that the person with flu is using.


Exercising will make you stronger which means stronger immune system too. Exercise regularly so that your body will keep fit and healthy. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise. What is important is you are making your body stronger and boosting your immune system to prevent illness from attacking you.

Be happy

Happiness begets health. Happy people are healthy people. They don’t feel the pressures of life and their life is stress-free. If your life is stress-free; you are more likely to be safe from illness. Negativity affects the immune system of a person. So if you are unhappy you will easily get sick but if you are happy, you will stay healthy.

Avoiding the flu is easy. Just boost your immune system and it will take care of the rest.

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